The Ed Brown FX2 Appears An On-Target Defensive Pistol

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Bosting a deep-slide cut and factory-installed Trijicon micro-red dot, the Ed Brown FX2 is designed to excel at accurate on-person defense.

In the sphere of 1911 pistols, Ed Brown is at another level. Artfully engineered and manufactured, the company’s handguns offer a fit and finish few other gunmakers can get even close to matching. Furthermore, the guns aren’t simply excellently executed rehashes of the age-old design; in many cases, the pistols are forward-looking embracing the best of today’s firearms advancements. The Ed Brown FX2 is a solid example of this.

An expansion of the manufacturer’s dashing FX Series, the pistol is tailored for concealed carry and incorporates one of the hottest technologies of the day. Look closely, it’s hard to miss the slide cut and red dot perched atop of metal beast. It being Ed Brown, of course, it’s not just any reflex married to the FX2, but Trijicon’s fairly new and ultra-slim RMRcc. At .9-inch in width, the micro red-dot is almost tailor-made for 1911s and other slender concealed carry handguns. And on the FX2, seamlessly fits the slide and is so low profile (.9 inch) it’s as unobtrusive as red-dots come.

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Thanks to the FX2’s deep slide cut, the RMRcc sits especially low, down enough it co-witnesses with the iron sights. Furthermore, it keeps the pistol’s dimensions well within the bounds of a functional concealed carry piece, with the FX2 measuring around 6-inches in height with the red-dot. Not too shabby. A side note, available separately and compatible with numerous other popular concealed carry pistols, the Trijicon RMRcc has an MSRP of $699.

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As to the pistol itself, there plenty to like about the FX2. Construction is an obvious asset, with Ed Brown’s guns widely considered among some of the best on the market today. In addition to top-notch fitting, the company also utilizes forged and tooled steel parts as well as a stainless-steel frame and slide in the case of the FX2. Essentially, they’re built for the long-haul and not to poop out when it matters most.

Ed Brown FX2 2

As to the frame, it’s Ed Brown’s Bobtail commander configuration, which features a clipped rear grip making it more conducive to concealed carry. Available in 9mm and .45 ACP, the FX2 boasts a 4.25 barrel and tips the scales at a hefty 37 ounces. Its accouterments include Brown’s popular Snakeskin pattern texturing on the frontstrap and mainspring housing. This is further set off, black G10 grips, flag-motif cocking serrations and very sporting serrations on the fore.

Like any pistol at this tier, the Ed Brown FX2’s MSRP is enough to make your wallet winch— starting at $4,295 in .45 ACP and $4,295 in 9mm. Expensive, but given the quality and extras, plenty of bang for your buck.

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