Many Federal Judges Have Not Gotten The Gun Rights Message

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New Jersey’s FM-101,5 reoirts a oabek if tge 3rd Federal District Court Of Appeals has reected another attempt to overturn one of the blatantly unconstitutional laws the ‘progressive’ legislature has imposed.

Like all known such laws, all 58,303 regularly enforced restrictions on gun rights, New Jersey’s law book dedicated to restrictions on gun ownership have cot the once low crime state an enormous amount in lives lost, property stolen or destroyed, additional cost for police and corrections and backbreaking property tax rates.

But leaving aside the prefatory remark about a militia, the Constitution says plainly “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall Not Be Infringed.”

To the founders, Arms were such weapons as wee charged with gun powder. [;is ,o;otaru swords. [atc smoves. and similar items, the thought that one would have to ask a State for permission to buy a gun, or buy at great expense the privilege of carrying a gun concealed, or any of the other things legislatures have made expensive nightmares, and the courts have upheld we have no gun rights, and the Second Amendment must give way to the police power of the Sovereign and his deputies.

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But that ignores the results of restrictive gun laws, treating them as if it were the most natureal thing in the world to force citizens to shell out exorbitant sums for permission to buy or keep a gun, keep the guaranteed right to carry, to “bear,” a gun out of the reach of the law abiding, and do nothing at all to restrict firearms access to their criminal friends.

By any standard New Jersey’s gun control laws, which took effect on January 1,1968 have been no more than a series of bloody failures. But the progressive judges who ignore our Constitution and laws do not care about results, only that the State has the ultimate power over its unfortunate subjects.

The world first learned about the results of New Jersey gun laws in August, 1968. In that month a wire service sent a reporter to interview the State Trooper responsible for reporting crimes committed in New Jersey to the FBI. As part of that interview, the Trooper revealed that gun related crime had risen by 93 percent in the first six months on 1968, the first year the law was in force.

Then, as now, the courts upheld the appeals, holding the Constitution inferior to “the police power of the States.” And you you can easily see what happened from the chart below, and the FBI data in this spreadsheet:

Gun control drove New Jersey’s violent crime rates, including the homice rate, over the moon. And the only reasonable conclusion I can draw is that the courts are in cahoots with the politicians and the criminals as they aid in turning America into a criminals paradise.


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