I cannot help Thinking Things Have Changed, But Not For Better

Gun News

FOX News reports a 12 year old colorado boy has been suspended from virtual school because his teacher saw his toy gun. https://www.foxnews.com/us/12-year-old-suspended-after-teacher-spots-toy-gun-during-virtual-class

I was a dozen in 1945, and kids were encouraged to bring their Roy Rogers cap pistols to school for recess and after cafeteria break. Not lunch, there was no way a moldy weinter on a piece of bread was “lunch but it was there for us.

Courtesy of Shorpy.com, you source for historic photos, here is what went on in real school, back in the days when social promotion was unheard of.

That was taken in the Los Angeles school system, and shows rifle practice in a hr. high school, circa 1941. Today you would have more police on your neck than you could count for teaching those under 21 to hit what they aimed at. And we have social promotion, and turn out students who cannot fill out an employment app.

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