North Carolina: Holly Springs Open Carry Ban Considered Tonight

Gun Rights

Tonight, the Holly Springs Town Council will consider banning the open carrying of firearms in certain public locations. Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to OPPOSE Ordinance 20-04. Click here for information on attending the meeting in person or viewing by video conference.

September 1st, 7:00PM
Council Chambers of Holly Springs Town Hall
128 South Main St.
Holly Springs, NC 27540

The proposed town Ordinance 20-04 prohibits the open carrying of firearms and other objects, such as knives with blades longer than 3”, in town-owned or controlled buildings and town-owned recreational facilities and parks. There are no exemptions for concealed carry permit holders who accidentally uncover their firearm, such as when clothing gets caught or if they move their body a certain way. This potentially subjects law-abiding citizens to misdemeanor criminal charges and fines, while doing nothing to improve public safety. Criminals who illegally carry firearms will continue to do so concealed, and will ignore this arbitrary boundary.

Again, please consider opposing the proposed Ordinance 20-04.

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