Gun Ban Propagandist David Hogg Takes Down His Own Gun Control Poll

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The National Rifle Association reports Bloomberg’s David Hogg, one of the stars of Bloomberg’s “March For Our Lives” gun ban precursor drive has deleted his own Twitter poll after the results ran some 84 to 16 against Hogg’s position.

The problem with Hogg is that the general run of the American public is more familiar with the results of gun control than the activists. If Hogg had stopped to look at the results of existing gun laws before he became the mouthpiece for a program that contradicts the facts at every turn, the situation would be different. And he would be utterly useless to the man who pays a “Parkland survivor” to present his bundle of legislation leading up to the total gun ban his industry keeps insisting on.

Thirst time I saw David Hogg speak he was quoting a man who has pushed gun confiscation as “reasonable and necessary to bring down our soaring gun violence rates.

The chart below shows the results of the only laws that have ever reduced gun related crime numbers in the 525 year history of such laws.

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The chart is from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Department of Justice, and it shows what happened when about half the States relaxed their gun laws. The numbers are from the massive National Crime Victimization Survey, and will be within 2$ of reality.

The upper line is the number of violent crimes from the survey, 4.15 million such crimes a year, including 785,000 firearms facilitated violent crimes reported to the police in 1993.

The second line from the top shows the number of violent crimes reported to police, with a decline from 2.2 million to just under 1.0 million.

The third line represents the criems investigated by the police, with the space between the second and thrid line representing the crimes reported but that could not be verified.

And the fourth, and bottom, line represents the violent crimes discovered by the police without victims in

While this chrt ends a decade ago, the trends continue. We no longer have 785,000 confirmed gun crimes. That number may be as low as 270,00, but is certainly no larger than 410,000,

Further, according to the BJS study, 78% of criminals no longer carry a gun whenever they leave their living quarters. That number has dropped to only 22%.

Now – that is a result of the slow adoption of rational gun laws instead of knee jerk reactions to to horrible crimes. Can you imagine what the numbers represented in the chart would be if the Federal government preempted all State and territory gun laws, and installed a universal package of rational gun laws?

Yes, those numbers would be much, much lower. But in order to get laws that work, we must elect members of Congress who are on the people’s side, and not the side of the violent criminals.


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