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FOX News Tucker Carlson has some winged words that it would profit out community to listen carefully to.

Essentially, the same cabal of billionaires who fund the gun ban industry are also funding the “global warming” scam. The scam that claims that in the last twenty years more than 2.7 TRILLION cubic meters of ice have melted away 0 but are unable to explain why the oceans are not several feet higher than they were in 1900.

The ones who profit most by human activities in that bright red spot in China. {The others are rainforests!}

So it seems our enemies are everyone’s enemies. And it would be terrible to let the enemies of the human race take our freedom and impose tremendous tax rates s China can hae dleanup money to divert to its leaders.

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Time for a change. And at this rate we will not have the America we lost until we rise up in our righteous wrath and take our society back. Starting at the polls.


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