Arizona: Pinal county Will Allow Citizens To Help Enforce The Law

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FOX News reports Pinal County, Arizona will allow the Sheriff to swear in citizens as a Citizens Posse to help enforce the law.

Very good. No one knows what goes on better than the neighbors, particularly if there is a “Mrs. Grundy” as the neighborhood gossip. Further, citizen participation can greatly increase respect for law enforcement,

Plus, Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state and legal gun owners who are members of a Citizens Posse are so many extra sets of eyes and ears for the Sworn Law Enforcement Officers.

Speaking of Constitutional Carry, I see CC has worked as expected, and drove the homicide and violent crime numbers down until Bloomberg’s hirelings started pushing gun control in 2015

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The population has more than doubled since the modern record began in 1960, but the FBI homicide rate for 1960, before Hollywood’s “Send the Army and take them all” campaign began in early 1964. In 1964, the homicide rate was 5.2 per 100,000 and falling. But gun control pushed that to pushed the homicide rate to 9.3 per 100,000 in 1972. The maximum homicide rate reached a stratospheric 10.5 om 1994, pushed by gun control and a wide open border putting Tucson and Phoenix on the main highways used for drug and human smuggling.

Thanks to the patient work of many Arizonans gun laws were slowly relaxed during the 1990′ culminating with the passage of Constitutional Carry in late 2010, The results are shown in the chart be;pw. based pm FBO mi,bers tjat cam be verofoed at tje ;oml. above.

No, blood did not fill the streets from curb to curb, as a couple of legislators suggested. If you scroll down to the crime rates table check the murder and violent crime numbers at the link,you will find that crime generally fell between passage of the Constitutional Carry enabling act and the appearance of semi-truck loads of Bloomberg’s $100 dollar bills.

But even there, the rise in violent crime was relatively mild, and was quickly suppressed by the Trump Economy. Until the coronavirus came along.

So Arizona has plenty of hands that are prepared to take some of the load off the Sheriff’s deputies, and there are plenty of citizens who are able to do exactly that.


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