Add Gun Control To The Conversation? Certainly , I will be glad to, but leave maybe and perhaps out of it

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An opinion item in the Oregonian tells of seeing a man with a handgun at his waist, and suggests adding gun control to the conversation. Unfortunately, the item is lared with perhaps this, perhaps that, perhaps the other, with no real understanding of the results of the effects of gun control. So there is some blather about State Troopers being perhaps more aggressive because a motorist might have a gun.

A Black friend is a State Trooper. When Mississippi began issuing Concealed Carry Weapons permits, he was very concerned about stopping an armed motorist. On the second anniversary of the effective date of the CCW law, I asked him what effect legal concealed carry had on him.

My Friend looed surprised and said he had not thought of that law for at least a year and a half, he had no problems with either open carry or concealed carry of a firearm.

I get similar responses from Law Enforcement Officers from Texas to Georgia. No problems, no problems, no problems. In fact, a man with violence on his mind would be reckless in the extreme to open carry a gun, and there are very few men with enough waist to carry concealed undetected.

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But by all means let’s include the actual real world results of gun control in the conversation. The chart below shows the United States homicide rate from 1880 to 2017, and by far the lowest homicide and violent crime rates were set before thre were restrictive gun laws, which began in 16905-1906.

Labor troubles were responsible for the modest rise in the homicide rate in the late 1890’s and the run up to the wave of restrictive gun laws that sent the homicide rate going vertical. If one expands this chart and looks at the homicide rate year by year one will find every major city, and every State, as well as every Federal “gun control law has made its mark. In human bodies.

If you extend the data bakd to the very first restrictions on guns 525 years ago to the present, and look at the results of gun control in every nation on Earth, you will find the same pattern. restrictive gun laws have failed to make anyone safer, failed to cut crime rates, and in general failed to do anything a person of sound mind would consider a benefit. So letus talk about gun control.

But leave the weaseling perhaps and the evasive maybe, and the outright lie that somewhere there is a gun free and crime free paradise out of the conversation.


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