Chicago” “Gun Violence Is Rampant And No One Seems To Care” Lawrence Jones

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According to FOX News Lawrence Jones said “Gun violence is rampant in Chicago but no one seems to care.”

Mr. Jones is very wrong. America’s 155 million strong shootng community is very concerned with the violence in Chicago, and New York, and Richmond, And in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and yes, Los Angeles. And no segment of the shooting community, America’s largest and by far the most law abiding demographic, is more concerned with Chicago’s violence than Illinois’ gun owners.

Unfortunately, the good people of Chicago keep putting bad people in office. People who dismiss the abject failure of Illinois FOID law, and the spectacular failure of Chicago’s effective ban on legally owned guns, and say “Those laws are not strong enough, we must make the stronger,” as they dismiss any attempt to fix what is wrong with Chicago.

It is not rocket science. One does not need a degree in quantum mechanics or molecular biology to understand that every regularly enforced gun control law in history has had the same effect Chicago’s attempt to make a success out of something that has failed almost 58,300 times without a single success is doomed to faioure. Not only doomed to failure, but predestined to do what all the rest have done, drive violent crime rates sky high.

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Chicago’s best help is to turn out en masse and install new and independent leaders in Springfield who will vote to repeal the failed FOID law and its additions, which have led to this rise in Illinois crime rates:

And leaders in Chicago who will stop trying to fight crime in the same fashion a drunken man might poiur gasoline on a bonfire.

As you can see, Hollywood’s gun ban campaign resulted in a rapid rise in murder starting in 1964, and the FOID law only steepened the curve of Chicago’s homicide rate. The imposition of Fred Roti’s gun ban resulted in a peak that took all the City’s gang leaders could do to bring back down, and the arrest and imprisonment of those same gang leaders created another spike in murder and other violent crimes. When Chicago gangs sorted things out under new leaders, the homicide rate fell to close to 500 murders a year. But now big money is funding a push for a gun ban, and deep pockets are funding riots intended to fundamentally change America for the worse.

So Chicago residents, citizens, taxpayers can expect nothing until they treck to the polls and put in a new set of leaders who will allow the law abiding 97 percent of Chicagoans to be as well armed as the criminals, who can buy a stole and trafficked gun on almost any street corner.


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