“Democrats Refuse To Take The Blame For Oout Of Control Gun Violence In Chicago, New York”

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Tammy Bruce, in an item posted on FOX News, reports the Democrats refuse to take the credit for the out of control gun violence in Chicago and New York. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/chicago-new-york-dems-gun-violence-tammy-bruce

Ms. Bruce is correct. As I have shown many times, Chicago was a city with moderate violent crime and homicides before gun control, The first hint of gun control sent those rates soaring, and every attempt to fox tje problem by making the laws more restrictive, including an outright ban on guns, has made things worse.

and it is the same story in New York. The 1911 Sullivan law was immediately followed by a 25% increase in homicide and every attempt to fix the problem by making the Sullivan Law stronger has made the homicide and violent crime rate worse.

And when Jew Jersey’s insane gun laws caused hundreds of thousands of gun owners to sell their guns at any price to anyone with money and guns were selling for as little as $25.00 on the streets of New York, the homicide rate went to astronomical heights.

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The chart below shows the curve – and the results of the “broken window” policing that brought New York’s homicide rate to second world rates, an improvement on the third world rates that had been common.

Note that New York City was notoriously unsafe before gun control becuase of gangs who roamed and reived at will, oblivious of the laws that attempted to keep them in check. “Big Time” Sullivan, the man New York’s gun control laws are named after, was a New York City Alderman, a New York State Assemblyman, and a major player in New York’s notorious tammany Hall. When he was not tending the criminal activities that made him wealthy.

Tammy is Correct. Democratic politicians are responsible for the third and fourth world crime rates of most Democratic controlled cities, and anywhere else they can exercise control.

Click on over and enjoy a media item that tells it like it is.


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