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The Day has an extensive article extoling Connecticut Senator Chris Day, and citing the supposed shifting public opinion against guns.

While youi can accept the gun ban industry’s hypothesis that a million or so individuals are buying all of America’s 15,000,000 new guns sold each year, while gun it is unreasonable to blindly accept that 10 percent of 1g5 million gun owners would divest themselves of ten percent of their guns every time the gun ban industry starts another push to “send the Army and take them all.

If one believed the pollsters, every time the the gun ban industry seizes on a tragedy, such as the Newtown School massacre or the Parkland High School mass murder, polls show what is in fact a crash in gun ownership, the percentage of homes with guns, and public opinion of guns and gun owners. While the complicit media keeps up a steady drumbeat of vituperation toward gun ownership.

Here in he real world, there is a very simple explanation for that conundrum. People are tired of being pestered by pollsters so they lie to get rid of them. The charts at the Gallup Organization’s website clearly shows this trend, and it is not physically possible for America’s 129 million households.

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Polls using the percentage of respondents who answer no when in fact there are one or more gun owners in the household comes up with 94.9 million households with one or more guns, and 155 of America’s 269 million adults are themselves gun owners.

It is an unfortunate fact that a much higher percentage of the 104 million adults who favor firearms restrictions or an outright ban will voe than the 155 million gun owners who all too often take the attitude that “I have mine so a ban will not bother me.”

As far as The Day is concerned, Here is what gun control has already done to Connecticut, while Chris Murphy and the Day are trying to make it worse”

And anyone interested can verify the FBI Uniform Crime report crime numbers that form the basis for the chart can find those numbers hee:

Or you can verify the numbers in the FBI’s Crime In America, the Uniform Crime Report at the local police headquarters.

But the fact remains that gun control has done immense damage to America with more than 250 million more serious crimes and more than 800,000 nire nyrders reported to the police han would have been the case if Hollywood had not been looking for a way to keep collecting residual payments for reruns aired in the hours that small children may be watching.

Items showing such reckless disregard for the facts do nothing for the complicit media outlets credibility, and nothing good for proponents reputations. The Day would do well to rquire staff to be aware of the results o more than 58,173 restrictive gun laws without a single successful restriction before the essay to laud a gun ban and therefore high crime rate advocate.


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