Gun Ban Group Opposes Bill To Relax Training For Armed Teachers

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A Bill to allow armed teachers to carry in schools has run into opposition from a gun ban group, who complain it would eliminate the mandatory training for teachers who want to be able to protect their charges and themselves.

The group opposing the bill is Bloomberg’s client, Moms Demand Action. It is sad that the group’s demanded action puts children at a higher risk of becoming the victim of a mass school shooter.

It is also sad that the group’s members cannot look at the official data and demand laws that would make people safer instead of laws that put people in peril.

Here is what the gun controls Bloomberg’s minions demand have done to OhioL

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The FBI data this chart is based on is available here:

Ohio was a low ccrime state until gun control reared its ugly head. If anything, Ohio’s restrictive gun laws should be repealed and teachers allowed to protect their charges, bringing the State’s crime rates back


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