Socialist Mayors Trying To Blame Trump For High Crime Rates

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Most of the cities with “protest” problems are run by nominal Democrats, but virtually all of them sound like Socialists. As a group, city administrations with violence problems are trying to pin the blame on President Trump.

But the crime statistics clearly show the high crime rates that make cities with Democratic rule too dangerous to live in was set in , when the entertainment industry was trying to stop Congress from banning violent programming in daytime and during evening family hours.

The laws the Democrats rammed through without examining the results of near identical laws drove our violent crime rate up from 160 violent crimes per 100,000 populationn to 758 violent crimes per 100,000 population.

21 years of patiently working to repeal the ban laws and keep the good laws resulted in a decline in the violent crime rate to 372 violent crimes per 100,000 population in 2014, the year Bloomberg and his billionaire partners began trying to replace the ban laws with worse laws. You can check out the FBI data here, just dismiss the ad, and go to the data:

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The chart below shows graphically what the gun control the Socialists masquerading as Democrats laws have done:

We had gotten the homicide rate bac to below the 1960 rate, and we were well on our way to getting the violent crime rate below that rate – until the moneybags came in to demonize Americas laregest and most law abiding demographic, our 155 million gun lawful gun owners.

Some of our cities have had Democratic administrations since Herbert Hoover was President. It is time to yank these gun ban extremists as a dentist would yank a rotten tooth – for someone who cannot take anesthetic.


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