FNHQ-DC Changes Headline – But Not Support For Policy

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Yesterday I reported on a FNHQ-DC item pointing out that the Democratic gun ban policy would be hard on the poor. Today the item is still up but the headline now reads…

Biden’s gun control plan is terrible for working class firearm owners

It is also terrible for wealthy hunters, target shooters, collectors, and people who like curious machinery. In fact, if Biden becomes President and his “Hell yes, we are coming for your guns” gun ban czar take office next year, we can kiss our gun rights goodbye.

And the Washington Post still supports that policy, despite 525 years of history and almost 60.000 “gun control laws” without a single success. Here is what gun control and a huge drop in population as people move out to get away from crime has done to the District of Columbia – with a little help from selective crime reporting.

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The Districts gun laws are among the more than 58,273 restrictive gun laws that have failed to cut crime, make anyone safer, or provide what anyone would consider a benefit. But FNHQ-DC supports these murderous laws


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