Here Is How The Ban Industry Demonizes Guns And Gun Owners

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This You Tube video is all too typical of the ban industry’s agitprop, agitation and propaganda, demonizing guns and gun owners. You can hear the loathing in the announcers voice as he mentions US gun laws. And then comes another voice demonizing American gun laws, the voice of an epidemiologist.

An epidemiologist who says hes group looked at 130 studies of bun violence dating back to 1950, and who condamns US gun laws including US studies.

And he could. Almost all of them funded by people like George Soros, who has reportedly spent some $150 million dollars funding “academic studies” to prove guns cause crime and the trigger pulls the finger.

But this whole video misses the entire ;oing. If it were a gun, the shots would go so wide they writer and announcer would be treated for bullet holes in the fundament.

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The obvious question is where, among the 195 countries recognized by the UN has gun control reduced crime, made anyone safer, or prevented a mass murder? The propagandist has a pat answer, Australia, where the Prot Arthur Massacre resulted in a ban on self loading and slide action firearms. And where the ony source for crime data is a branch of the government, based in Canberra, and whose totals appear to be about right for New South Wales.

The Australian failure was the second bun ban supposedly triggered by a mass murder. A month before the Port Arthur Massacre, a man named Thomas Hamilton, a school photographer and licensed gun collector wa arrested “on a matter of interest to the police” held for a few days with enough publicity to elicit comment, his guns were returned, , and when he got to his business found he had no customers. And no business, and an evil reputation. The increasingly desperate Hamilton apparently determined to take his revenge before he killed himself, and accordingly killed 15 kindergarteners and a teacher before he committed suicide. The next day, Prime Minister John Major announced an almost total ban of firearms in UK and Scotland. With this result:

A month after the Dunblane Massacre, Tasmanian police arrested a young man, a collector of militaria including firearms, on unexplained charges, and essentially followed the Dunblane arrest, publicize, and release with Bryant. Who, after several days of stewing over the injustice of it all collected his guns, loaded them up, and killed 35 innocents before surrendering. As in the Dunblane case tghere seems to have been a script with an announcement coming the day Bryant stopped shooting.

The first city to report crime rates after the first year of the gun ban was Perth, Western Australia, which reported a 93% increase in gun crime in the first year of stripp;ing Australians right to keep and bear arms. The PM promptly issued an edict that crime reports will only come from the central government in Canberra, and prescribed penalties for whistle blowers.

And then there is New Zealand. An Australian purchased an AR quite legally, substituted design capacity magazines for the 5 round magazines allowed by New Zealands already restrictive laws, took his hatred to one mosque and then a second, and murdered 50 people. And the next day the EnZed Prime Minister announced a change in the gun laws.

It is too soon to see if New Zealand will hit the 225% increase in murder in ten years that is typical of the laws that seem to have been written, waiting for an excuse to imp;ose averages. Along with similar results form classification of violent crime. But if the New Zealand media is any indicator, the preliminary prediction is they will exceed the average by a substantial margin.

And of course, the gun banners answer to that is that the laws were not strong enough and much be strengthened. A point the video of the PM goes to lengths to emphasize.

And finally, the only thing that counts are results. A college quarterback may be touted as the best thing since Jim Thorpe, but if he starts two games and does not complete a pass, he will be benched, and released. The same should apply to laws, with failures getting an automatic repeal.


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