How Many Dissenting Comments Does The Alley Get?

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An Alexandira Virginia URL asks if we delete comments that do not agree with our postings, and if so, how many.

Actually, hardly any. The last dissent was from a UK hacker who broke in and tried to delete this chart showing the results of the UK’s almost total gun ban. This chart came from Parliaments s Crime Commission, and is official – but it seemed to anger the person:

During the Second George Bush’s Presidency we would receive daily dissents as well as frequent complaints to Google that this was a “link farm” peddling nostrums of various sorts, or violating copyrights. After we renamed the Alley and moved it to an independent web host, the complaints became rarer, and stopped after “Mike Zip Code” threw om tje tpwe; after he found himself arguing with official data instead of a guy with an opinion.

Since then, we have had extensive discussion with individuals in Australia who eventually came around to our view, based on the official and often heavily sanitized official data.

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But no matter what a commentators position may be, if a comment does not insult some human population group, is in English and is not profane or obscene, it will be posted.


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