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A Fort Walon URL asks when did Florida start issuing Concealed Weapons Permits, and what the rsults were.

Florida had Concealed Carry permits for most of the 10th Century, but they had to be approved by the applicants sheriff, and permission was as rare as 21st Century sightings of a ive dodo bird.

<aropm Ja,,er was tje :egos;atpr wjp omtrpdiced tje “must issue” system that has resulted in more than two million law abiding Floridians holding permits to carry a concealed weapon.

In 1987 Florida law enforcement logged 1371 murder victims, with many of the victims tourists or business travellers who stopped at roadside comfort stations. Permits began to be issued in numbers, and one of the first things was a virtual end to violent criminals haunting comfort stations. At least two of those two legged wolves were killed and many others wound up in jail. Which was a very good thing, since several organizations were warning against using interstates or buying gas, food, or other items near interstates.

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The chart below will give you an overview of Florida’s homicide rate, which was dropping drastically in the early 1960’s, peaked under the influence of the gun ban or gun “control” campaigns that began very late in 1963. Data is from the annual FBI Uniform

MCrime reports, which are consolidated in tis convenient spreadsheet. http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/flcrime.htm

More importantly, under Florida’s homicide rate fell to a historic low of 5.0 murders per 100,000 population in 1960. after a brief improvement to the 6th most violent State, uner Hollywood’s “send the Army and confiscate all the guns” campaign, and the Federal laws that were supposed to put an end to criminal violence, Florida rose once again to become #1, the most violent state in the nation in 1989 aut dropping to 18th most violent in 2016.

Looking at the data, it is clear Florida’s relaxed gun laws have been a resounding success. It is unfortunate that some, particularly prosecutors who have far fewer cases to prosecute, believe the actual decline did not happen, and the FBI is lying to us.

These wrong headed individuals want to go back to the days when Florida had only 12.7 million people, and the population was 12.6 million and the violent crime rate was 1244.6 per 100,000 population compared to the present population of 21 million and a violent crime rate of 384.9 per 100,000.

And they and their patron, Michael Bloomberg want to go back tothebad old days and make Florida as unlivable as California.


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