? Why Not All Black Murder Victims?

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One of the talking heads at CNN says Black Lives Matter is not about Black murder victims, but Black persons killed by police.

The latest data has exactly one Black man murdered by an Officer, and more than 7,000 Black murder victims. While every American has a right to peacefully protest anything, including the sun rising in the east, separating out 1 murder victim among 7,000 Black murder victims is a case of straining to swallow a mustard seen but easily swallowing an elephant.

It is unfortunate that the FBI has “streamlined their Uniform Crime Reports, expunging the most revealing data from public access. Since I cannot link to what is not there, this is one of the few times I have been caught with my links down.

For 2018, the FBI reported a total of 16,241 murders and first degree manslaughters in the US. Of those, 11,317 murders were gun related,.

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At this point it is necessary to consider the “cleared by arrest” rate” shown in the FBI graphic posted below:

The percentage cleared changes slightly every year, but an error of less than 10 murders is not of consequence in this discussion.

64.6% of all murders are “cleared by arrest,” or 10,412 , murders were cleared by arrest, leaving 5799 unsolved murder cases reported during 2018, and unsolved as of 12:01 AM, January 1, 2019.

Of those cleared by arrest, slightly more than 63% of murders cleared were the result of either rivalries between individuals engaged in ieelgal activities, or partners in a criminal enterprise who made a partner angry.

Everything considered, it is very conservative to assume that the same percentage of criminal involvement between murderer and victim is the same for all murderers as it is for the group cleared by arrest.

So far, we have established the number of murders, the percentage of murders involving firearms, and the number of murders involving criminal activity. Rounded, those numbers are 16240, 11,200, and 10,150.

It is far more likely that the number of criminal on criminal murders is much higher than the 62.5 percent the criminologists say were committed with guns were criminal on criminal violence.

And turning back to the original subject, Black murders and Black murders at the hands of the police, the United States Black population is said to be 14% of the total population of the US.

But the number of Black murder victims was 7,040 out of 16,241 total known victims. That amounts to 44% of all murders. Black lives certainly matter, but it would help if the Black homicide percentage could be brought down to the Black community’s 14% of the total live population.

And we know how to do that! We cut the national violent crime rate by more than half, bringing the violent crime rate down to the lowest level since 1906 – until a very rich man started buying governors and legislators.


Link to FBI Data Here: http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/uscrime.htm

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