A Socialist Group Weighs In On “Dangerous Gaps In American Gun Laws”

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The Center For American Progress, a “liberal think tank” that consistently argues for the Socialist talking points headlines an extensive item with :

Dangerous Gaps in Gun Laws Exposed by the Coronavirus Gun Sale Surge.

Here in the real world, where gun laws have an unbroken record of failure stretching back to 1495 and Duke Hildebrand I’s gun ban, the key question should be whether or not similar, and most cases identical, restrictions have delivered any benefits at all, or have been a total loss.

The abbreviated chart below shows what happened when the mythical “police powers of the State were invoked in 1905, a restrictive gun law was imposed to protect criminal gang’s bagmen in 1911, what happened when enforcement of restrictive laws was relaxed in 1933, and the results of Hollywood’s 1953 gun confiscation drive, 1968’s Federal restrictions, and what happened in 1993 when some States gun laws were relaxed in 1993.

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And yes, today’s headlines are correct. Pressure is again on to restrict gun access to the law abiding, with the clear intent to eventually make gun ownership untenable, andthe murder rate is once again going through the roof.

So no matter how slick the propaganda or how smoothly the proponents argue for it, “gun control” is still a disaster for the people who must live under it, as well as a precursor to authoritarian government.


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