President Announces US INtent To Withdraw From Chinese Dominated World Health Organization, Anti-Gun Party Members Scream In Anger

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It is no secret that the World Health Organization has become Sino-Centered, or that the WHO failed to provide data that would have warned of the danger of coronavirus. Given that, and the high cost for no benefit of membership, it should surprise no one that President Trump has filed an “intent to withdraw” statement with the WHIO.

That should not be a surprise. We have almost 150,000 dead because of the WJO withholding data, in in my book withdrawal is about seven months late. And as far as I am concerned they can ship another organization and its statue back to St. Petersburg.

And considering that today’s Democrats are much like the “Gilded Youth” of the Australian classic “The Man from Iron Bark ” it should surprise no one that Democrats are already trying to use our withdrawal a cause for howls of anguish.

I could quote one of Tom Dewey’s bill posters who told a radio something funny, but I won’t.

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