North Carolina: Second Amendment Preservation Act Up for Veto Override Tomorrow

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will consider overriding Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of the Second Amendment Preservation Act. Gov. Cooper erroneously claimed that the bill will allow guns in schools and threatens the safety of students and teachers. Instead, it only applies to churches that operate schools and simply allows parishioners to carry when the schools are not in session, if the church wishes to opt-in. Please contact your representative and ask them to override Gov. Cooper’s veto of HB 652.

House Bill 652 allows law-abiding citizens who hold a concealed handgun permit to carry a handgun to defend themselves and their loved ones when attending religious worship taking place on private property that is both a school and place of worship if it does not prohibit firearms. This empowers private property owners to set their own security policy rather than the state imposing a one-size-fits-all solution. Last year, an armed citizen defended his church against an individual in Texas. This worshiper, Jack Wilson, was able to take action because of similar NRA-backed legislation in Texas.

The final bill also requires sheriffs to accept a refresher training course rather than a full course for individuals who have let their concealed handgun permit lapse, so long as it is more than 60 days and less than 180​​.

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Again, please contact your representative and ask them to override Gov. Cooper’s veto of HB 652.

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