Bloody Baltimore, Where Strict gun laws endanger almost everyone

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The Baltimore Sun reports a total of 168 days, murders in 1800366days, one half of a 366 day Leap Year.

Early weather suppressed some of the violence, but warm weather put the “Hitters” back on the street, and the killers are busily catching up.

The Maryland violent crime charts tell the old familiar story of institued gun restrictions, harvest the crop of violence you have just enabled. This is for the post-1963 gun ban campaign and the crop of violent crimes the people of Maryland have had to bear as a result”

And you can easily verify those numbers, and extend the violent crime rate to the latest FBI crime reports available, for 2018, here”

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And it is worth while to scroll to the bottom table, and observe that before gun control Maryland was the FBI’s list of the vop;emt cro,e ramlomg. bit under the influence of poorly considered gun control legis laws promptly rose to first place among the 50 States and District of Columbia for violent crime, slowly falling as other s States ennacted even worse gun laws.

Something that comes up at every sessiion of the legislature, and will eventually become law unless Congress and the Supreme Court act to uphold the Constitution.


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