“The Message Is Clear. “Do Not Defend Yourself, To Do So Is ‘Racist’”

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FOX News Tucker Carlson has an overview of the anarchistic to Fascist rioters Democratic mayors and city councils are allowing to clog our streets, kill those who do not cooperate with them, and will gladly remove police protection fron their cities, allowing almost anything to go on, including rape and murder, looting and arson, without any fear of punishment. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-ordinary-americans-politicians-cower-rage-mob

This is a Peacemaker. A St. Louis man and his wife used this and a small handgun to dissuade a mob that broke down an iron gate, and threaten to kill the man, his wife, and their dog. They called the police and got no help. even called the neighborhood watch and got no help. So, in the absence of defenders, they resorted to defending themselves. Faced with the reality that their intended victims would resis being murdered, the mob passed on by.

The mob passed on by, quietly. And now the couple are faced with the consequences of resisting the mob in a world where good and evil have traded places. The neighborhood watch is not looking. The police have not responded to the threats the mov gave, the threats to kill everyone in sight and sack and burn their house. The mayor has spoken out in opposition to the couples exercise of their God given right of self defense. The Governor, who from this time should be dubbed “The Craven” has been as silent as a cavern. But the county attorney has threatened to use the full force of the law to punish the couple for – quite peacefully – averting a tragedy.

And to make the point of this post it is time to throw out gun laws rooted in the post Civl War era “Black Laws” that made any gun found in the possession of a Black man the property of the Officer finding it. To many modern lawmakers, Black has become “anyone” And the Black Laws, which were laregely agreements between law enforcement and the Attorney General have become laws with real penalties. All such laws restricting the law abidings access to firearms must go, and the right to self defense restored.

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Or we can kiss our America goodbye.


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