Despite Huge Quantities Of Soot And Fly Ash On Arctic Ice, Ice Extant Is 10,140,000 Km2 Above Prediction

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Checking the latest from the Arctic, Arctic sea ice extant reas 10,4`0,000 square kilometers, Km2, slightly below the long term mean for the date, but quite respectable considering the billions of tonnes of wind bourne soot and fly ash from unscrubbed Arctic power and industrial plants.

These heat absorbing and holding particulates pile up from year to year, and are a major contributor to the loss of summer ice on Greenland.

According to NOAA, ASia emits far more climate altering pollutants, Turning Arctic ice heat absorbing black for an amazing depth. And countering the reduced solar radiation that is contributing to widespread cooler temperatures around the globe.

Speaking of temperatures, a quick check of mean Arctic air temperature is 174K, 0C, or 33F, which is the same as the long term mean for the date,and close to as warm as it is likely to get,

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Si the meters suggest bringing Asian power plants up to par would result in a flip to the high side of the ice extant curve, and a drop in the mean Arctic air temperature.

No other industrialized area has anything like the footprint of Asia on the climate, as the chart below clearly shows.

If you start at the top border, that red area on the edge of the border is Iceland, where volcanoes pump out some fort times as much CO2 and all of man’s efforts. Coming down at to the right, you will see a red spot that represents the source of most man made greenhouse pollutants, chiefly soot and fly ash.

And then there are the Amazonian, African, and the Asian rain forests also in pink to red, that are second only to volcanoes in producing greenhouse emissions.

Cut US greenhouse pollutant production enough to offset Asia? It cannot be done. Even if we banned burning anything, for any reason, we do not produce enough pollutants to make more than a minor dent in soot and fly ash production.


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