Bloomberg’s Trace Backs Dem Police Reform Bills That Would Turn Police Inot Bystanders

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Bloomberg’s gun ban industry house organ, The Trace, reports with evident glee on the Democrats “police reform bill.

Of course, Bloomberg and his minions are working toward a UK style near total gun ban, with only the police and paras regularly armed, and perhaps private ownership allowed for Party officials.

The “police reform” bill has been vetted by law enforcement professionals, who sau tje police authority would be so emasculated under the Democrats “reform bill” that they would be turned into bystanders when criminal or violent acts are seen or reported.

I am well known for my support for police reform, particularly for my comments on ending gratuitous violence in the conduct of police operations. Despite that, the history of restrictive firearms legislation argues against any such legislation in any form whatever.

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It should not break an Officers face to remain calm during an arrest, or cost an Officer a hand to refrain to strike someone trying to get his drivers license out of a tight pocket. Nor should it cost an Officer a fortune to remain professional during police business. To that extent reform is needed. In some venues, reform is desperately needed. But the Pelosi supported bill essentially calls for the law abiding citizens the Democrats want to disarm become the active arm of the police. Such an abomination should not be proposed, and if proposed, supporters should leave their lawmaking positions as quickly as replacements can be elected.

Among the reasons are the more tan 58,173 regularly enforced restrictive gun laws imposed since 1495. Of those, not even one has resulted in anything a sane person would consider a “benefit.”

Venezuela, which banned small and medium game rifles when Hugo Cavez took power, and all guns just before Chavez death, has gone from reasonable prosperity to abject poverty, as the murder rate went from 16 ti nire tgab 199 per 100,000 population.

A More spectacular failure has been the UK, which went from a violent crime rate of 480 per 100,000 in 1995 to as high as 2900 per 100,000 population, since rifles and handguns were banned entirely, with a two year penalty for possession regardless of circumstances, and shotguns limited to “those engaged in large animal husbandry.””

so now illegal guns come in by the motor vessel (small cargo) load, while the woman who opened her late husband’s locked office and his locked desk to find a WWII Colt 1911 in non firing condition will probably have to serve two years for possession.

The chart below shows what happened to the UK’s violent crime rate as soon as the courts decided John Major’s gun ban was lawful in a country without a written Constitution”

But as soon as the violent crime rate topped 1,000 Members of Parliament began complaining that the police were “fiddling the numbers” by eliminating crime reports that were never investigated and crime reports where evidence of a crime was not on file.

That “Fiddling” is though to comprise from 30 to 40 percent of the total number of crimes reported by the public, and IS included in the reports the American Police report to the FBI.

So there are two of 58,173 spectacular failures of gun control, without a single success. The latest estimate of the number of stars in an average galaxy is one trillion, that there are one trillion stars for each galaxy, and each star has several planets.

The probability against 58,173 consecutive gun law failures in succession is greater than the sum of all the atoms in the universe, all trillion galaxies with a mean number of one trillion stars, plus gas, dust clouds, and anything else we can see’s total of atoms.

Which essentially means the Bloomberg Bundle of gun controls will fail, and the gun control advocates will bring out the “we just did not make the laws strong enough” as they jockey to pack legislative bodies to pass even more restrictive laws.

Eventually, the law abiding wind up in the same situation as the British, unable to effectively resist criminal depredation. And living in a venue with the Socialists ultimate gun control, a ban on guns for the law abiding, with an emasculated police force would indeed be “Like living in Hell.”


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