Blotter: EPD responds to burglaries at Best Buy

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EPD will maintain increased presence in local business districts overnight on Monday, according to a news release. Since Sunday evening, Evanston Police Department has responded to three reports of burglary.

Twelve suspects are in custody after two attempted burglaries at Best Buy, located at 2301 Howard St. None of the suspects are Evanston residents, according to a news release.

At around 7 p.m. Sunday, the individuals pried open the building doors and attempted to remove items from the store, Evanston Police Cmdr. Brian Henry said. Officers responded and took 7 suspects into custody, who are now facing burglary charges.

A second burglary at the location was reported Monday afternoon. A burglary at Walgreens Pharmacy was also reported Sunday evening.

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On Monday night, the release said EPD will also increase the number of officers on patrol, coordinate with regional law enforcement officers and provide live updates through Twitter.

In live updates about the Best Buy burglary, EPD repeatedly characterized the incident as looting. Alongside nationwide protests demanding justice for the late George Floyd, some have participated in property damage. Henry said none of the burglaries are connected to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Three graffiti incidents reported

Three separate graffiti incidents have been reported since Friday afternoon, all of which may be tied to the Black Lives Matter movement.

An Evanston man reported black spray paint on his car on Friday. He believes his car was damaged because he has a National Rifle Association sticker and a blue line flag sticker, Henry said.

On Saturday, officers responded to a call about graffiti at Bent Park, located at 3224 Central St. On the wall of the tennis court, officers found “I can’t breathe,” in large letters and white paint, Floyd’s last words before his death.

On Monday morning, Evanston police responded to another report of graffiti on the Metra underpass, at Greenbay Rd. The graffiti, in red paint, said “Evanston PD are just as racist. Justice for Floyd” and the letters “AC AD.”

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